PM Modi Speech LIVE Updates on NEP 2020 Now!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started his speech on National Educational Policy 2020 at 11 am on 7 August 2020 for the first time after the NEP was implemented in which he is going to address the conclave on ‘Transformational Reforms in Higher Education under National Education Policy’. The conclave will discuss the new initiatives which will take place as per NEP 2020.

PM Modi says that with the help of NEP, the students will be converted into global citizens who are still rooted in their values. He also added in his statement, “In recent years, there have not been major changes in education and thus the values of curiosity and imagination were not given the thrust. Instead, we moved towards a herding community. The mapping of interest, ability and demand was needed. We need to develop critical thinking and innovative thinking abilities in our youths. It will be possible if we have purpose, philosophy, and passion for education,”.

Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, Minister of Education, the former ISRO chief also attended the conclave who headed the committee which was responsible for drafting NEP. Vice-chancellors from other universities will also focus on higher education under the NEP 2020.

Here’s all you need to know about PM addressing National Education Policy 2020:

India needed to change with changing times: PM

It is essential to change its education system when a new global system has risen with changing times. Thus it is important to create a 5+3+3+4 curriculum, and replace the 10+2 structure.

When a teacher learns, a nation leads: PM

The focus of NEP will be shifted on teacher training. I believe, when a teacher learns, the nation leads states PM Modi.

NEP gives flexibility to choose, change and skill-up, says PM

The students must be often thinking that what they are learning now will not be useful in their jobs. Thus for the sake for students flexibility has been given to change their course if they do not that they are satisfied. This change is necessary because we are moving from thinking that a single profession cannot be stuck for a life long and the skills should be updated.

NEP shifts focus from what to think to how to think: PM

Before, the focus was on what to think but NEP 2020 focuses on how to think with a flooding information and content. We should also know which information is useful and which is not.

PM on mother tongue as mode of teaching

The students will be able to learn better if the language they speak and the language in which the lessons are taught in schools are the same.

New Education Policy is foundation of the new India: PM

The New Education Policy is the starting point towards something good in this 21st Century with youth getting relevant education and skills that they require.

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